Definition Of A True Thug

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True Thug

Growing Up In Life In Compton California I Never Had All The Fancy Items Or Gear Going To School I Had Three Half Brothers And One Full Brother And Sister My Two Half Brother Lived In Inglewood With There Mothers While I Lived In Compton With My Other Two Brothers And Sister On Section 8 With Our Mother.

Music Always Had Been In My Blood Since A Very Young Age From Hearing It On The Radio To Watching My Older Bro’s Freestyle While They Would Challenge Me To Go Against Them And Would Be Amaze By My Lyrics From A Very Young Age..

I Seen And Herd A Lot Of Bad Things In Compton That I Shouldn’t Never Had Witness Like Friends Dying Right By My House I Didn’t Really Know How Take It.. And A Few More Years Later We All Gotten Evicted Out Of Our House Our Family Members Didn’t Want To Take Us In Because They Was Full With Hatred And Wanted To See Us Struggle Worse Then We Already Had It We Had Nobody But Our Self. At The Age Of 13 I Was Going Back In Forth To School In A Motel With My Brother,Sister And Mother Eventually We Ran Out Of Funds To Pay For That Motel..

Our Mom Did The Best She Could Do For Us I Use To Hate The Way We Lived I Felt Like God Had Curse Me But I Realize Maybe He Is Showing Me All These Things For A Reason So I Could Appreciate Life More And Never Care About The Finer Things And Share With The World My Experience And Show Them A Better Way.

I Could Of Been A Gang-banger,Robber Stealing Money And Cars Selling Drugs Drinking And Smoking Everyday Partying Miss Treating Women’s But I Choose Not To.. Doing Those Things Doesn’t Make You A Thug From What The majority Of The World Are Saying.

What Makes You A True Thug Is Knowing How It Feels To Struggle Being A Man Or Women And Staying True To Yourself , And Fighting For What You Believe In.. Life Is Not Suppose To Be Easy Most People Never Make It Because They Let Fear And Doubts Hold Them Back. Small Minds Cant Understand Big Spirits To Be Great You Have To Willing To Be Mocked Hated And Misunderstood Stay Strong.

If You’d Like To Hear The Most Resent Milestone Of That Journey. Click Here To Listen To My Most Recent Album, “Hood Jams”

Thank You For Being A Listener And For Making It All Matter.

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