Follow Your Heart

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Follow Your Heart

After High School All I Wanted To Do Is Help Single Mothers And The World So I Started Written And Gotten Serious With My Music In 2012 All I Would Do Is Write..  So I Would Write Until My Fingers Would Bleed Up Inside Of A Very Hot Room With No Fan Or Ac

Til 8:00AM To 10:00Pm So I Would Be Written For 14hours Straight A Day So Dedicated To Accomplish What I Want To Accomplish That’s To Be The Greatest That Ever Put A Pen To A Paper And Help Society So There Won’t Be Anymore Poverty World Wide

So We All Could Enjoy Life Without The Struggle Or Worry About How We Are Going To Get Our Next Meal Everyday

So I Am Here Working Day By Day Grinding Weekend And Week Out To Makes This Come Into Reality I Think We As People Are All Special And Have Some Sort Of Talent We Just Have To Take Some Time Out And Find Out

What It Is We Don’t Have To Settle For Anything We Have To Stay Positive And Only Think Positive And Strive For Our Dreams Without Any Type Of Doubt

And We Will Soon Find Our Self Feeling Less Stressful With No Need For Any Type Of Drug To Calm Our Self Once We Have Train Our Mind It Will Take Work But Anything Is Possible.

If You Would Like To Hear The Tracks I Been Working And Putting Everything Into Click Here For My Latest EP Hood Jams

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