Life Is Not Promise

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Life Is Not PromiseLife Is Not Promise So We Should Live Life With No Regrets Or doubts Because You Never Know When You Are Going To Go.

I Had A Older Brother Name Wayne From Inglewood That Passed Away At A Very Young Age Of 16 Do To Gang Affiliation  He Never Knew The Year 2000 Would Be His Last Day On Earth  So I Am Saying Live Everyday Like It’s Your Last And Do Whatever You Want To Do Don’t Hold Back

If  You Wan’t To Explore The World Go Explore The World If You Want To Be A Actor Go Be A Actor If You Hate Your Job Quit. Do Whatever That Makes You Feel Good  And Live Life To Your Fullest Potential

I Make Music That What Makes Me Feel Good.. It Lets Me Get My Message Out To People No Matter What Part Of The  World They Are Living In… Just Me Knowing That My Music Is Helping People With There Life And Letting Them Experience A Story Of All Aspect Of Life Gives Me A Big Drive To Keep Doing What I Am Doing.

And If You Would Like To Check Out My Recent EP Where I Had Gotten Most Of My Inspiration From Life To Write This EP Click Here

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